Writing and creative development for your do-good business.

Get your do-good business ready to shine online and in the real world.

If your goal is to drive action on your website, you’ve got to keep it authentic.

Perhaps you’re an established non-profit organization who needs to seriously update its marketing to reach a bigger and better audience. Or maybe you’re looking to forge a new path with a genuine online presence.


As for me? “Simple storytelling” is the name of my game.

I’m Carlene Julianna (my last name is Kurdziel, but c’mon – no one is going to spell that right), and I love storytelling.

I look at the big picture and give you the copy and creative solutions you need to give life to your business.

With market research, customer analysis and some questions to get you thinkin’ about your brand, I’ll refine your online personality to attract the customers you want.

Let’s think outside the box and craft an online personality that people just get.

I’ll meet you where you are to help you stand out online and forge a meaningful relationship with your customers.

This passionate lady is ready to humanize your content to spark real connection. We’re partners in this, and I’ll listen to you every step of the way. In the end, you’ll have an online presence that brings your brand to life.

Make your digital space more “you.” Check out my package offerings here.