Carlene Kurdziel

Freelance Writer and editor

Hi, I’m Carlene!

I’m a freelance writer exploring connections of all kinds. My work has been published in Canadian Geographic, Bell MTS Business Hub, and Elephant Journal.

I’ve been a freelance writer for five years, and a creative writer for much longer.

Currently, I’m the content writer at Spence Digital, where Adrian Trimble and I build user-friendly websites and write human-centered content. We’re always ready to hear about new opportunities!

I love a lot of things and have a habit of calling all of them “my favourite,” including rocks, bikes, and any song with a string instrument and piano combo. However, words strung together in ways people can lose themselves in is truly one of my favourite things.

Montreal is where I’m currently based, but Winnipeg is still my home. I love exploring side streets and lounging in parks wherever I find myself. I also blog about cultivating connections with our environments and other similar tidbits.

Selected work

At a crossroads (Canadian Geographic)

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The 4 best networking apps for making meaningful connections (Bell MTS Business Hub)

Putting people first with human-centered design (Spence Digital)

3 ways to go green without breaking a sweat (Elephant Journal)

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The power of less (Elephant Journal)

Get in touch

I write and ghostwrite content for publications and businesses looking to educate and build valuable connections with their audience. If you’d like to get in touch, I answer my emails promptly.