#sustainable365: Developing Ethical & Eco-Conscious Intentions



After taking some time to reflect on the past year & give thanks to the bounty of beautiful people I’m privileged to love, I can sum up the past year in a nutshell: you need to give a care. About others. About yourself. About the world that we call home.

Making Changes & Cultivating Dedication

In the final weeks of 2016, I decided to jump into a passion that has followed me throughout the years and started a small freelancing business. With the support of the amazing people who I’m lucky enough to love, the start of the year has been full, busy, and enlightening.

For the first time in years, I’ve whole-heartedly dedicated myself to a project. I realize the varied struggles and countless obstacles that lay ahead, but the difference this time is this: the obstacles are worth the outcome. The up’s and down’s and every mistake in-between will be on my terms, and I can learn from all of it.

Realize What Matters

Every single one of us has a different purpose; a different calling in this world. But there is one core piece of humanity that unites us all: we are driven to do better. To take some sort of action, at some point in our lives.

Along with launching a business, I decided to develop a more ethical, conscious way of living and thinking. The best way I could hold myself accountable to this idea was by pursuing a specific and meaningful topic that I could research, share, grow with, and interweave into my own lifestyle.

I’ve had incredible opportunities to see pieces of our world. With this, I’ve also realized how small this world is – and how wasteful our modern societies can be. Living with nothing but whatever fits in your suitcase or on your back makes you realize just how little you can survive and thrive with.

Materialism and the demand for “new” has cornered us as a society. Trash littering the streets has become a norm. Many work spaces and public areas still have not utilized the power of recycling. In some parts of the world, we’ve even come to shipping our trash away – out of sight, out of mind, right? We are built on commercialism. And with this habit of buying and replacing the old, we have lost crucial – yet basic – knowledge on how to perform basic sustainable tasks in our own lives.

But I’ve also seen the growth and development in nations and in people who are dedicated to cleaning up and creating a healthier environment for all. From the utilization of wind power, to countries who provide compost pick-up as a weekly service – people and governments are slowly realizing the incredible potential of small, affordable changes.

Creating Sustainable & Conscious Intentions

The past month has been a test of new routines and trying to integrate these big changes into daily life. To find new roads for new results towards sustaining an ethical and productive lifestyle.

I wanted to find a way of keeping myself accountable to these decided intentions of cultivating a sustainable, eco-conscious life. This is where #sustainable365 comes into play. On some mindful commutes, I decided to use a hashtag to share my discoveries and worries and victories on the path of developing a healthier relationship with the objects I purchase, the foods I eat, and our world in general.

Although I know myself well enough to realize I won’t be posting every day, I do plan to share sustainable and ethical tips and options to help my local community, and hopefully beyond.

I hereby declare my sustainable, eco-conscious intentions for #sustainable365 (and many more years to come):

  • Donate items which don’t serve a specific purpose or have sentimental value in my life.
  • Build a wardrobe of specifically second-hand clothing – and discover ethical methods of buying necessary items.
  • Share knowledge of eco-conscious discoveries and tips through writing & social media.
  • Make ethical choices when it comes to purchasing food – especially with meat and dairy products.
  • Cultivate a positive community surrounding #sustainable365 which focuses on the progression of sustainable eco-conscious choices and options.

Let’s get creative, folks. We have options and opportunities to do better for our world, every day. If you have any ethical intentions set for the year, feel free to share them in a comment – or better yet, utilize the #sustainable365 hashtag!

Always with love,


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