Cultivating Connection: Welcoming and Inclusive Public Spaces

*Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert in community accessibility or urban design. These are simply topics that I find myself thinking about a lot, and well, writing is my method of organizing thoughts and hearing varying opinions. Growing up, I was a sidewalk rider. We lived on the corner of a pretty busy…

3 Ways to Go Green + Save Cash

Going green is not only a promise to help our environment, but a choice to be an advocate for social justice worldwide. As a 20-something freelance writer, making my life more affordable and green has not only been a choice, but a necessity—especially in the way I choose to move and dress.

Sustainable Travel Guide: Genoa, Italy

Genoa (Genova) is a vast, yet quaint, port city in northern Italy. As the capital of Liguria, the Metropolitan City of Genoa boasts a resident population of 856,000. As a city tucked away on the Gulf of Genoa in the Ligurian Sea, the New York Times noted that “Genoa isn’t Rome or Florence. That’s part of its charm”.

One Simple Trick for Flawless Copy

Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter or a freelance journalist, there’s one trick that can serve you when proofreading any form of writing you take on: reading your piece aloud.

What Stellar Copywriting Can Do for Your Business

Copywriting is an essential dimension of online marketing and presence, yet, is often overlooked. By strategically crafting words which drive a person to take a specific action, engaging copy can be the difference between a successful online digital marketing strategy and a flop. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, effective content…

The Meaning of Flâneur + The Importance of Presence.

Home isn’t a stationary place, but rather a connection with oneself that travels where they do. It’s that feeling of bliss present wherever you are, whether it be in the center of a bustling of a city, or in the middle of a field under blue skies. I’ve struggled to find a term that best…

#sustainable365: Developing Ethical & Eco-Conscious Intentions

  After taking some time to reflect on the past year & give thanks to the bounty of beautiful people I’m privileged to love, I can sum up the past year in a nutshell: you need to give a care. About others. About yourself. About the world that we call home. Making Changes & Cultivating Dedication In…