Keep It Simple: How to Humanize Your Content

The Nielsen Norman Group found that most users stay on your website less than 59 seconds. That means you’ve got less than 1 minute to spark a user’s curiosity and capture their attention. The writing on your web pages determines how long a user will stay on your website. If your writing is too hard to read, your target customer won’t be sticking around. Think about it: we all have a cluster

What Stellar Copywriting Can Do for Your Business

Copywriting is an essential dimension of online marketing and presence, yet, is often overlooked. By strategically crafting words which drive a person to take a specific action, engaging copy can be the difference between a successful online digital marketing strategy and a flop. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, effective content will drive action on your web pages, blog posts, or newsletters. On top of generating increased engagement

The Meaning of Flâneur and the Importance of Presence

Home isn’t a stationary place, but rather a connection with oneself that travels where they do. It’s that feeling of bliss present wherever you are, whether it be in the center of a bustling of a city, or in the middle of a field under blue skies. I’ve struggled to find a term that best describes the aching completeness we feel while moving through a city, whether it be my