“What is copywriting?”

Copywriting, in short, is the act of using the written word to drive a reader to take a specific action. Often, copywriting is used for digital marketing strategies to provide written content that:

  • Inform and educate your target audience
  • Funnel web traffic towards your website
  • Successfully convert these new leads into clients and traffic

“Why do I need a copywriter?”

Creating written content for your website is tough, as viewing your own business from the customer’s point of view may prove to be more difficult than you think. Much of the time, even copywriters need to invest in copywriting services for their own website. Although you may be an above average writer yourself, professional copywriters are dedicated to finding a different and relatable perspective to develop new content that you may not have thought of.

Quality copywriting and content can take your business to the next level. When you invest in copywriting, you’re not simply paying for the hours of work a professional writer puts in, but for the days, weeks, or months that the content continues to convert your web traffic into paying clients.

“Who do you write for?”

In summary, I write for a wide variety of entrepreneurs and businesses, but I specialize in creating written content for small to medium-sized businesses. I work hard to connect brands with their target audience, exploring their voice, tone, and needs in-depth.

“What do you write?”

I love my clients, and love to collaborate on a wide variety of writing-related projects. That being said, I dedicate most of my time to developing web content (such as what you’re currently reading), blog post plans and content, feature articles, and business copy (think case studies and eBooks).

My true passion is creating long-form content which requires thorough research and collaboration with a client, and content which evokes emotion within a reader, whether it be for non-profits, large-scale enterprises, or small businesses in Winnipeg.

“Should I trust a freelancer?”

The one thing about being a freelancer that is often forgotten is that if I don’t deliver high-quality content, I don’t get paid. When you choose to partner with a freelancer, you’re ensuring that your money is going to one person – the writer. Working with me is working with my brain, my skills, and my laptop. This means there’s no extra fees, no profit margins, and no other parties expecting a cut from the work. Working solely for my clients means that I am motivated to go the extra mile, and have no excuse for slacking off.

“Can you complete my project, like, now?”

Absolutely. Although the creative planning and research for projects take a bit of time, the writing itself can be developed and created quite quickly. My business hours are 9-5 CST, but if you catch me before the end of the workday, I can start on your project the very next day.


“Can we meet up in the real world?”

If you’re looking for a quality copywriter or content writer in Winnipeg, I’d LOVE to meet in person to discuss just what you’re looking for.

For customers based outside of Winnipeg, my laptop is always with me – meaning that I’m always within reach. With virtual meetings, I can collaborate with global businesses and individuals with ease.


“Who owns the work?”

Any work I complete is under my ownership until the invoice is completely paid. Once payments are caught up, you have full rights to the work and can do with it as you wish. As I’m a hired copywriter, you’re not required to list my name as an author.

I do ask to use any work I complete as a part of my portfolio to demonstrate my skills to future clients, however, this is completely up to the client.

Do you still have some unanswered questions? Perfect! Head to my contact page and ask away.